Registration is Open!

▪ Scroll below for placements information.
▪ Summer Sessions: Ballet is a required class while taking other styles of dance.
▪ Dancers must wear proper dance attire. See 'Dance Attire' tab.
▪ Dancers who arrive 15 mins late for dance class will be asked to
sit out of class to reduce the risk of injury after missing warm up.

Registration Fee:
When enrolling, a $25.00 registration fee holds your spot for the desired class(es) and help cover the administrative, facility, and other ongoing costs at The Studio Centre.
SUMMER SESSION 2: AUGUST 1 - 13 (2 weeks) - Registration closes August 1.
Open to new and current dancers. Our two week Summer Session will be a condensed class schedule. Dancers will be able to enroll in the two weeks (see 'Tuition' tab) or drop-in (paying per class) to accommodate vacation plans. 
Placement Levels:
TSC is a technical dance school requiring all dancers to enroll in at least one ballet class. We place our dancers in levels based on skill, not by age. Dancers will be placed in levels based on Mr. Tyler/TSC staff's discretion to set each student up for success. For example, if a student is in 8th grade but has never danced before they will be placed in Level 2 (entry level), to learn the foundations of dance. Please contact The Studio Centre before enrolling in a class level higher than prior season. TSC will contact caregivers when staff feels it's appropriate to move dancer up a level. Still not sure which class level you child should be placed in? Contact TSC via email: thestudiocentrellc@gmail.com.

-Creative Movement: Preschool and potty trained. 3 - 5 years old.

-Level 1: Zero - two years of dance training, or in Kindergarten.

-Level 2: Three - four years of dance training, or 'entry level' for those just starting regardless of age. Dancing 2 days a week is recommended.

-Level 3: Five - six years of dance training. Dancing 2 - 3 days a week is recommended.

-Level 4: Seven - nine years of dance training. Dancing 2 - 4 days a week is required.

-Level 5: Advance level. Must be training 3 - 5 days a week.