4625 Platt LN
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 
email: thestudiocentrellc@gmail.com
phone: 734.929.2671
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Winter Season 2019 

Adult Class Schedule


7:00- 8:15 ⇢ Adult Beginner Ballet​​​

Adult drop-in or buy a Class Card

Purchase a dance card, OR you may come as a drop in, paying $20 per class.
-1 month unlimited: $125
-10 classes: $150 ($15 per class)
-20 classes: $280 ($14 per class)
-50 classes: $600 ($12 per class)
-Founders Club: $1,000  (1 year unlimited classes)

Adult Beginner Ballet

Danced as a kid? Dreamt of learning how to dance? Want the dancers body?

Adult Beginner Ballet is for you! You will complete exercises that include developing coordination, strength and flexibility, while continuing to learn dance vocabulary and technique. 1-2 years dance experience is needed.