Winter Dance Season In-person & Virtual

Registration will be open November 16-29,

with classes beginning November 30 - February 28

Due to the State of Michigan Public Health order, The Studio Centre will close for in-person dance classes starting Wednesday, November 18 and reopening on Wednesday, December 9 (reopening is subject to change based on state order). In-person classes will all be virtual. 


Winter Registration will still be open. If you plan on registering for the in-person Winter Season, November 30 - December 8 will be virtual. Assuming we are able to go back in-person after the order is lifted, please select the classes you prefer. If you have questions or need help with registration, please reach out to Mr. Tyler at Thank you for your understanding and support as we all navigate these uncharted times.

Use the online registration system to sign up for classes, make payments online, and more. Just click the register button in the menu above to create a profile and get started!
Tuition is calculated by how many min/hours per week the student dances. For example: Susie takes Ballet Level 1 and Tap Level 1 every week, for a combine total of 1.25 hours per week. Susie's parents pay $64.00 per month. 
Please note: Tuition statements will be sent the first of each month and will be due within seven days. There are no refunds or adjusted tuition for missed classes. A $15.00 late fee will be applied to tuition not paid within seven days.  
Students are granted 3 make up lessons per season. Students can make up the lesson in their class level or lower within two weeks after missed class. Due to the current circumstances a maximum of 9 dancers will be permitted in the dance studio. If dancer has to be in quarantine they may join into a virtual dance class. Please contact Mr. Tyler in advance to see which in-person class to make up your lesson, or for virtual link. 
Example: Billy was sick on Tuesday and missed his Ballet Level 3 class. The next week he wants to make up the class he missed. He went to his enrolled Tuesday class, and to the Thursday Ballet Level 3 class. To make up a class, contact Mr. Tyler at least 24 hours before arriving to the make up class. Email (
If The Studio Centre has to close due to snow, all in-person classes will be virtual. If the weather is unsafe for teachers to get to the studio, there will be a snow/ice day. 
Yes, however a $15.00 administration fee will be applied for switching classes from one day to another, dropping, or adding a class mid season. Switch/Drop Class Forms must be filled out and returned to Mr. Tyler. (Forms also located at The Studio Centre in the lobby.)
Fall Season-
Winter & Spring Season- 

(Due to COVID-19, creative movement is suspended until further notice.)

-Level 1: Zero - two years of dance training. 

-Level 2: Three - five years of dance training. Dancing 2 days a week is recommended.

-Level 3: Five - seven years of dance training. Dancing 2-3 days a week is recommended.

-Level 4: Seven - nine years of dance training. Dancing 2-4 days a week is required.

Students may be placed in classes based on teachers request. Example: If you are in 9th grade, but you've never danced before, you will be placed in Level 2. Dance is very similar to school, and is a progression. You would not want to jump into an Algebra class if you do not know how to add numbers together. ​

Students that share the same parent will receive a 20% discount. Example: Macy's tuition is $100 per month. Her sister Alexus has a monthly tuition of $80 and her other
sister Sydney has a tuition of $50 per month. 
  • Macy $100 * 0.8 = $80

  • Alexus $80 * 0.8 = $64

  • Sydney $50 * 0.8 = $40

This results in a total tuition of $184/month versus $230/month without a multi-student discount.

08/31 - TSCC Auditions
09/01 - Fall registration opens online
09/14 - Fall dance season begins (10 weeks)
*11/16 - 11/21 - Parent observation week
11/16 - 11/29 - Winter registration opens online
11/23 - 11/29 - No dance classes Thanksgiving break 
11/30 - Winter dance season begins (10 weeks)
12/01 - Happy Holidays. A 25% off your monthly tuition.
12/21 - 01/03 - No dance classes Holiday break
02/01 - 02/07 - No dance classes Mid Winter break
02/22 - 02/27 - Parent observation week
02/22 - 02/27 - Spring registration opens only for Level 1
03/01 - Spring dance season begins
03/29 - 04/04 - No dance classes Spring break
04/26 - 05/01 - Parent observation week
06/01 - 06/05 - Recital week
06/04 - Recital performance
06/05 - Recital performance
*A Virtual Parent Observation will take place. On November 16 a Zoom link will be sent to the parents.
Drop-ins are not available for the 2020-2021 dance season. 
Due to the current circumstances a maximum of 9 dancers will be permitted in the dance studio. Unfortunately, at this time watching a dance class will not be permitted.  Please check out our COVID-19 policies.
No. Please register your child for dance during the appropriate time frame. 
There are limited time slots for private lessons. Dancers who are interested in a private lesson must be enrolled in at least one ballet class. Dancers will need to write an essay including what inspires them to dance, and why they would like a private lessons. Please note, not all students will be granted a private lesson. Private lessons will be granted to students with the following criteria: enrolled in at least one ballet class, work ethic, attitude, attendance, respect to others and passion for dance. 
Please contact The Studio Centre either by phone or email if your dancer will be missing class. We very much appreciate it. 
The Studio Centre will cancel dance classes when Ann Arbor Public School's evening activities are cancelled. Please check your email for cancelled classes or on The Studio Centre's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
The safety of everyone is most important. The Studio Centre is located just outside Ann Arbor City Lines, and the roads do not get plowed as quickly. If The Studio Centre is open and you feel unsafe driving, do not risk your life to come to dance. As always if your kid will be missing dance for any reason, please send a quick email or call to let Mr. Tyler know your child will be missing dance. Your child can make up a lesson if classes are cancelled. (Refer to Make Up Class Policy) 
Dancers who will arrive without appropriate dance attire will be asked to sit out of class. Just like any sport, it's mandatory to have all the pieces to a uniform.
Dancers who arrive 15 mins late for dance class will be asked to sit out of class to reduce the risk of injury after missing warm up. Please try your best to arrive before the schedule dance class time. Mr. Tyler starts and ends on time. 
Here at The Studio Centre, there is one parent observation week, per season. To make the most out of every class, Mr. Tyler asks for the parents to either wait in the lobby or drop their kids off for class. This helps with students not being distracted, build their self confidence and make mistakes without feeling the need of approval from their parents. Mr. Tyler personally thanks you for your understanding. 
Please note that enrollment in at least one ballet class is mandatory while taking other forms of dance.
Ballet is the foundation to all styles of dance. By learning the proper technique and terminology they will receive the best education to excel in all styles of dance.
In order to dance on Broadway you must be a well rounded dancer. There is no such thing as 'Broadway' dance. It's an umbrella style of dance. Here are some examples:
You've probably heard of the musical Hamilton. The dancing in this show is a fusion between contemporary and hip hop. Both of these styles take a lot of control and years of training, while using technical terminology from ballet.
The dancing in Cats, the musical, uses a technical jazz and ballet style. The dancers move their bodies portraying cats while dancing. Without their technical training in ballet, these dancers would not be cast in this show.  
42nd Street is mostly a tap show. But this show has big numbers where they switch from tap to classic jazz and ballet. The dancers in this show not only have to be proficient in tap, but jazz and ballet too. 
To wrap it up, each of these shows are completely different, however they are (or were) on Broadway. To dance 'Broadway' you have to be a well- rounded dancer, and to be a well- rounded dancer you need technique. Ballet sets the foundation for all styles of dance.
If you are enrolled in the Winter & Spring Dance Season, you will be participating in the Spring Dance Recital. At the end of every dance season, The Studio Centre will put on a Spring Dance Recital. Throughout the year, we are working on technique, terminology and mastering our dance skills. Starting the first week of March, we will start learning dances to perform for the recital. This is a great chance for all the students to show off what they have accomplished throughout the dance season. Costumes will be picked out and for each class and dance and approved by Mr. Tyler. Costumes will be an additional charge to the tuition. The Spring Dance Recital will have rehearsals the week leading up to the performance, that are mandatory. Students will have this time to get familiar with the show lineup, theatre, backstage area, as well as onstage. The Recital will run and be treated like a professional show.
Updated 11/15/2020

Due to the State of Michigan Public Health order, The Studio Centre will close for in-person dance classes starting Wednesday, November 18 and reopening on Wednesday, December 9 (reopening is subject to change based on state order). In-person classes will all be virtual. 

  1. Dancers are asked to self-monitor before arriving at The Studio Centre. Stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, including: fever and chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smells, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.
  2. Please register and pay tuition or drop-in online. The Studio Centre will not be taking payments in person.
  3. The Studio Centre will be a drop-off/pick-up facility to help minimize over-crowding in the lobby.
  4. If your dancer is younger than 8 years old, a parent or guardian may enter the lobby to drop off. We are encouraging parents to then wait outside or in your car. If a parent or guardian decides to stay in the lobby, please stay in designated chairs.
  5. Please have your dancer arrive 5 minutes before the class time. Dancers arriving more than 5 mins early will need to wait outside or in their car.
  6. Dancers are to arrive fully dressed in proper dance attire. 
  7. Face coverings are mandatory at The Studio Centre. Each dancer is responsible for providing their own face covering. No mask, no dance!
  8. Dancers will have temperature taken when entering The Studio Centre.
  9. Please bring a personal water bottle. The drinking fountain in the dance studio will be off limits. TSC will have free bottled water for dancers who need one.
  10. All dancers will sanitize hands before entering the dance studio.
  11. The garage door will be open to maximize the air flow if the outside temperature is 60 degrees or higher. When the outside temperature drops lower, the garage door will be cracked open a few inches to continue bringing in some fresh air.
  12. Dancers will proceed into the dance studio with their dance bag and place it in designated spots. Cell phones will need to be on silent. 
  13. Each dancer will have a specific place at the ballet barre and dance floor to allow for social distancing. 
  14. Ballet barres will be wiped down before and after each use.
  15. Dancers will be encouraged to use the restrooms before arriving at The Studio Centre. However, bathrooms will be available and wiped down regularly. 
  16. Classes will end 3-5 mins early for cleaning and washing of hands.
  17. In person classes will be capped at nine dancers, to those who register first.
  18. Due to the current circumstances a maximum of 9 dancers will be permitted in the dance studio. Unfortunately, at this time watching a dance class will not be permitted. 
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