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Use the online registration system to sign up for classes, make payments online, and more. Just click the 'Online Portal/Register' button in the menu above to create a profile and get started!
Dance class tuition is calculated by how many min/hours per week the student dances (see chart below). For example: Susie takes Ballet Level 1 and Tap Level 1 every week, for a combined total of 1.25 hours per week. Susie's parents pay $66.00 per month. 
Please note: Tuition will be withdrawn via auto payment the first of each month. There are no refunds or adjusted tuition for missed classes. Tuition per month is based off a four week month. A $15.00 late fee will be applied to tuition not paid within seven days if auto payment bounces. 
Registration Fee:
When enrolling, a $25.00 registration fee holds your spot for the desired class(es) and help cover the administrative, facility, and other ongoing costs at The Studio Centre.
A $15.00 administration fee will be applied for switching classes from one day to another, dropping, or adding a class mid season. Add/Drop Class Form must be filled out and returned to Mr. Tyler.
In-person students are granted 3 make up lessons per season. Students can make up the lesson in their class level or lower within two weeks after missed class. Due to the current circumstances a maximum of 16 dancers will be permitted in the dance studio. Please contact Mr. Tyler (by email) in advance to see which class to make up your lesson in. 
For example: Billy was sick on Monday and missed his Ballet Level 3 class. The next week he wants to make up for the class he missed. He went to his enrolled Monday class, and to the Tuesday Ballet Level 2 class. To make up a class, contact Mr. Tyler at least 24 hours before arriving at the make up class. Email (
Multi-Student Discount:
Students that shares the same parent will receive a 20% discount. Example: Macy's tuition is $100 per month. Her sister Alexus has a monthly tuition of $80 and her other
sister Sydney has a tuition of $50 per month. 
  • Macy $100 * 0.8 = $80

  • Alexus $80 * 0.8 = $64

  • Sydney $50 * 0.8 = $40

This results in a total tuition of $184/month versus $230/month without a multi-student discount.


Placement Levels:

TSC is a technical dance school requiring all dancers to enroll in at least one ballet class. We place our dancers in levels based on skill, not by age. Dancers will be placed in levels based on Mr. Tyler/TSC staff's discretion to set each student up for success. For example, if a student is in 8th grade but has never danced before they will be placed in Level 2. Please contact The Studio Centre before enrolling in a class level higher than prior session. Still not sure which class level you child should be placed in? Contact TSC via email:

-Pre Ballet: Preschool/Kindergarten and potty trained. 3 - 5 years old. (Dancers who are 5 years old or younger, need to enroll in Pre Ballet before taking Ballet Level 1.)

-Level 1: Zero - two years of dance training. Or dancers 9 years and younger who do not have prior dance experience.

-Level 2: Three - five years of dance training. Or dancers 10 years or older and who do not have prior dance experience. Dancing 2 days a week is recommended.

-Level 3: Five - seven years of dance training. Dancing 2-3 days a week is recommended.

-Level 4: Seven - nine years of dance training. Dancing 2-4 days a week is required.

Level 5: Advanced dancers. Must be approved by Mr. Tyler to be in this level. Must dance at least 2 days a week.

There are limited time slots for private lessons. Dancers who are interested in a private lesson must be enrolled in at least one ballet class. Dancers will need to write an essay including what inspires them to dance, and why they would like a private lessons. Please note, not all dancers will be granted a private lesson. Private lessons will be granted to students with the following criteria: work ethic, attitude, attendance, respect to others, wanting to pursue a dance career and or passion for dance. Email
30 min - per month $140.00

Hours Per Week  Price/ Month

30 min       ▸ $44

45 min       ▸ $54

1 hour        ▸ $56

1.25 hours ▸ $66

1.50 hours ▸ $74

1.75 hours ▸ $80

2 hours      ▸ $88

2.25 hours ▸ $94

2.50 hours ▸ $100

2.75 hours ▸ $106

3 hours      ▸ $112

3.25 hours ▸ $116

3.50 hours ▸ $120

3.75 hours ▸ $124

4 hours      ▸ $126

4.25 hours ▸ $132

4.50 hours ▸ $136

4.75 hours ▸ $140

5 hours      ▸ $144

5.25 hours ▸ $147

5.50 hour   ▸ $152

5.75 hours ▸ $156

6 hours      ▸ $160

+6 hours    ▸ $164

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